Camp Belgrade

Maine's Great Mountains
Welcome to the “unofficial” alumni website of CAMP BELGRADE. This website has been created to keep alive the memories of a very special place that for 46 years was the summer home of many boys and is unfortunately…no more.

Camp Belgrade was founded by Mort Eiseman in 1937. The small all boys’ camp was located on the shores of Great Pond in the Belgrade Lakes region of Maine. Each summer 150 boys ages 8-15 from all over the United States would call Camp Belgrade their summer home. The camp closed after the summer of 1983.

We invite you to register on the Message Board and re-connect with others who proudly wore the grey and maroon. Please share your memories with us and direct as many former Beaver/Eagles to our website as possible.

Bulletin Board

Bulletin Board

Alma Mater
In the midst of Maine’s great mountains
Lies a camp of fame.
Under Belgrade’s lofty banner
Glory to its name.
Let the spirit carry onward
Every heart and soul.
As we fight for Belgrade’s honor
Till we reach our goal.